Seafood Tacos

Battered Fish/or Shrimp

topped with coles slaw, pico de gallo,avocado,chipotle and jalapeno aioli


Pescado Frito / Camaron

topped with cole slaw, pico de gallo, avocado, chipotle and jalapeno aioli



Fresh chunks of shrimp tossed with cilantro, avocado, red onion, tomato, and marinated in fresh squeezed lime juice and olive oil


Shrimp Aguachile

Raw shrimp pickled in lime juice with red onion, cilantro, cucumber, and topped with a special green sauce


Grandma Specialty Tacos Los Mamalones

Los Mamalones

large handmade tortilla with breaded steak or meat of your choice topped with spiced cactus salad, sauteed potato, monterrey cheese and our Grandma salsa.


Regular Tacos

topped with onion, cilantro, and our Grandma salsa

Al Pastor Taco

Marinated pork with pineapple topped with our house salsa


Pollo- grilled chicken

Grilled chicken topped with onion, cilantro, and our house salsa


Asada-grilled steak



Mexican pork sausage


Cochinita Pibil

Yucatan Style)- marinated pork in achiote braised in banana leaves topped with pickled onion habanero



Cochinita pibil, monterey cheese,habanero 3 for $10.00




Platillo Fuerte

Served with rice, beans, pico de gallo, your choice of: choriqueso or catus salad and handmade tortillas

Plato de asada/ Beef Plate


Plato de pollo/ Grilled Chicken Plate


Plato de arrachera/ Flank Steak Plate


Trio Plate- Beef steak, chicken, and shrimp



Regular- rice, beans, grandma salsa and choice of meat (with shrimp 11.95)



Rice, beans, monterey cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo,avocado, grandma salsa and choice of meat $11.50 with shrimp

(Grilled, chicken, sausage pork, barbecue pork)$13.50



Gordita con su carne-thin fried corn dough, stuffed with lettuce, fried beans, and choice of meat (the order is 2)


Gordita en guisado

(orden de 2) chicken tinga Caramelized onion and chipotle shredded chicken



Sopa/ Soup

Mayan Soup- Chicken breast in a seasoned broth topped with cilantro, tomato corn, avocado,monterey cheese, and tortilla strips 8.95


Taquitos Lightly Fried

(Chicken or potatoes) Shredded chicken with onion and cilantro, served on red cabbage and guacamole Pollo cocinado con cebolla y cilantro servido con guacamole y repollo morado 11.25


Grilled steak with monterry cheese,refried beans , tomatoe, lettuce, and grandma salsa 11.95

Tostada de Tinga

5.95 each

Postres/ Desert

Platanos/Platains- fried with caramel and condensed milk- 6.50 Flan Napolitano- 4.95

Agua Fresca/ Fresh Drinks

Horchata/Cinnamon Rice— M—4.50 L—5.50 Jamaica/ Hibiscus—M—4.50 L—5.50 Seasonal/ASK – M—4.50 L—5.50 Sodas—2 Jaritos/ Sidral/ Sangria Señoral—3.25 Fresh squeezed Juice/Jugos frescos M—6.50 L—7.50
Coca Cola bottle $ 3.25